The model maker workshop “Somewhere on the Sea”…

  • An almost rather bizarre place located in the bourbonnaise mountain
    of the Allier county where our ancient navy art comes to light again !
  • A place wich smells good wood !
  • A place where XVII century ship builders come to life again,
    visitors will be immersed in French kingdom arsenals of the old days.

Denis Desormiere is glad to invite you in his maritime universe…

  • Rigourous historical reproductions based on top class historical documents.
  • A real and recognized high level of expertise and know_how.
  • An emotional link between a man, his models and his art.
  • Several years of daily work dedicated to a single arsenal model.
  • The discovery of an unusual type of modelling.
quelque part en mer
The model maker workshop “Somehere on the Sea”